Thursday, July 27, 2017

Peck Farm Park

"Peck Farm Park is a unique park found in an urban environment that offers residents and visitors a place to slow down and enjoy quality time surrounded by nature."

Peck Farm Park is a wonderful combination of manicured spaces and wetlands full of wild flowers.  One of the these special spots is the Butterfly House.  A lovely little space with a wide variety of beautiful butterflies.  Upon entering the Butterfly room you have the option of taking in a placemat like guide that helps you identify the butterflies you are seeing.  This was so helpful!

1.  Zebra and Female Julia  2. Monarch   3. White Peacock   4. Common Buckeye

Female Julia 
You can determine that it is a female because the black lines go from one edge of the wing to the other.  A male would only have a short black line.

Inside the farmhouse is a Nature Room filled with lovely things to discover.  Books, games, snakes, and other curiosities.  A great space to lull away a hot or rainy afternoon.  In another space of the house is a museum-like display of the history of the area and the Peck Family.  

A very welcome sight was the splash pad and wading area complete with mini waterfall.  The designers did a fabulous job combining a a park like feel with slides and rope climbing with natural rocks, logs and water.  I think we stayed at this spot for more than two hours... it was a crazy hot, humid day.

I knew the kids would have to dry off before we headed to the van, so we made a quick visit of the Observation Silo and Pond.  The geese were super friendly... I think they would have followed us home.

Visiting Peck Farm was a lovely experience, and one that has already been requested more than a few times.  I can't wait to go back in the Fall.


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