Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wild Explorers Club :: Hoover Forest Preserve

Our first hike in Summer felt a little more like Fall... but none of us were complaining.  It started out a little overcast, but by the end was sunny and pleasant.  Our assignment this week was to find the perfect hiking stick.  Some of the children already had theirs, and others looked for them on the path.

The trail we took ended at a nice overlook of the Fox River.  The river was really flowing fast, but it was really pretty.  Perfect for a kayak!

Many of the trails were lined with blackberries.  So sweet and delicious.

Sharing nature with friends is always a wonderful experience.   I also notice that there is a lot less grumbling about being tireeeeddddd!!!! when they are walking and talking with friends.  Which is a win in my book!

Our next meeting would have been next week, but with 4th of July festivities and travels, we will meet up in a few weeks at the Richard Young Forest Preserve.

Happy hiking!


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